The Team

Harry Blalock
I am the founder and owner of Axe Murderer Tours - Saipan.  If you want to hear where the name came from, you're going to have to come out and dive with me and then ask me on the way to the dive or in between dives.  
I spent over 25 years in radio, and that was what originally brought me to Saipan.  After 13 years of radio on Saipan, I decided it was time to retire the microphone and start a dive business.  I started my dive shop to share my passion of the underwater world with others, teaching them to dive, or showing them some of my favorite spots and giving them the absolute best dives possible.  I know it may sound cliche, but I really do try to treat all my customers the way I want to be treated myself.  I will bend over backward to make sure that your dives are the absolute best they can be.  Safety is my top priority and I will not take any shortcuts when it comes to taking care of you.
I also prefer doing private lessons and private guiding as it is a much better experience for the customer.  I want everything to be totally focused on you during our dives together!
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Hi, I'm Harry Blalock, owner and founder of Axe Murderer Tours - Saipan.

I have been an avid diver since 1970, finally got certified through YMCA in 1974, and I became a PADI dive instructor in 2007.  I have always been very passionate about the underwater world and have always wanted to share it with as many people as possible.  I decided to start a new life in 2007, becoming a PADI instructor and starting my own teaching and guiding business.  


I sincerely try to treat each and every customer as I want to be treated when I am the dive customer.  I prefer private instruction and guiding, or very small groups.  I feel that you get a much better experience that way and everything is catered to you personally.  I specialize in people who may be a bit nervous about diving, or need help with their swimming skills.  Whether you just want to try a Discover Dive, or you have done thousands of dives, I will strive to make sure that the experience is the best it can possibly be for you!


If you are looking for the cheapest certification or guided dive you can find, look elsewhere, you won't find it here.  The reason the other outfits can charge such low prices is that they deal in volume.  As I mentioned previously, I specialize in private guiding and instruction, that means my profit margins are razor thin as it is. I also believe in using quality gear, so you will be wearing gear that I have tested and used myself, and would recommend.  If you are looking for someone who will strive to make you the absolute best diver possible and show you the best dives possible, then you have come to the right place.  The old addage is true, "you get what you pay for".  My customers reviews on Trip Advisor say it all, I sincerely strive to make your experience with me the absolute best it can possibly be.