Guided Dives & Rental Gear Rates


Shore Dives

1 guided shore dive - $100

2 guided shore dives, same location - $125

2 guided shore dives, different locations - $150

1 guided night dive from shore - $125

**Private guiding is available, if you want to be the only diver, please request this in advance, the price for private guiding is double, since we are turning away other customers just for you.


Discover Dive - $150

Maximum 1 uncertified diver at a time. The only location I will do a Discover Dive is Lau Lau.

Boat Dives

2 guided boat dives - $125 + boat fee

(boat fees range from $50 - $75 depending on location and boat used.  Typically $50 for Dimple, Ice Cream, Pipeline, Oleai.  $65 for Naftan Point,Obyan, Boy Scout Beach, Chin Sen Mauru shipwreck, Landing Craft & Floating Emily  Seaplane.  $75 for Wing Beach by boat, Banzai Cliff and Spotlight and all Tinian dives.)


I only use smaller 6 pack boats which means a small group of divers in the water together.  I refuse to use the "cattle" boats which pack on 30-40 divers, that is just not a good experience for anyone.


Gear Rental Rates

Full set of rental gear, which includes mask, boots, fins, BC & regulator - $35 per day

BC rental - $12.50 per day

Regulator rental - $12.50 per day

Mask rental - $5 per day

Boot rental - $5 per day

Fin rental - $5 per day

Wetsuit rental - $5 per day

Computer rental - $10 per day


Credit Card fees

I accept Discover, Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club International, JCB & Union Pay. 

Agreement to all prices & policies

By contacting me you are agreeing to abide by my pricing and policies.  Everything is clearly stated regarding rates, cancellation policy, and  the service charge on credit cards.  Please take the time to read everything over carefully, because if you dive with me, you will be expected to abide by these prices and policies.  Contacting me signifies that you are entering into a legally binding agreement that you will honor all pricing and policies set forth on this website.