PADI Courses & Guiding rates

* Course price does not include online e-learning, the cost for PADI e-learning is $185 right now for the Open Water course, this amount is paid directly to PADI and is not part of your dive training cost. We do it this way as a convenience to our customers, they can do the book work when it suits them and not be stuck having to attend a boring class during their vacation. Again, everything about our courses and guiding is personally suited to you, and whenever possible, we will do private instruction.

Discover Scuba Diving

* 1/2 day


This is for people who are not certified, but want to experience what it is like to scuba dive.  I take you to Sugar Dock first and teach you the basic skills and let you get comfortable with the equipment, then we go to Lau Lau for a regular dive down to 40' or 12m.

I will only take 1 uncertified diver at a time for your safety.

Emergency First Response & CPR

* 1 day


EFR & CPR teach you the basics in treating first aid emergencies, dive accidents, and how to do CPR.  This course must be renewed every 2 years to stay current. This course is required to have to complete your Rescue Diver certification.

Scuba Diver Course

* 1-2 days


This certification course can be done in as little as 1 day or it can take a couple days.  You will learn most of the diving skills and have 2 open water dives.  With this certification you must dive with an instructor, but you can also easily upgrade to Open Water with 2 more dives.


* min. 3 weeks


Divemaster is the first level of professional diver.  With this you can work as a dive guide and assist instructors.  I like to have my Divemaster candidates spend several months diving with me as often as possible so they get a feel for many different situations.  

Open Water 

* 2-4 days


With an Open Water certification you can now dive with buddies, and no longer need to dive with an instructor. You will go through 4 hours of Confined Water training, and then 4 open water dives.  I recommend doing the bookwork either online through PADI e-learning, or downloading the tablet application.  That way you can do your book work before you arrive and be all set to start learning.  

Specialty Courses


Price depends on the course, ask for details.

I teach a wide range of Specialty certifications through PADI, EFR & CPR, Enriched Air, Night Diving, Deep Diving, Digital Underwater Photography and many others.  Just ask if there is something you are interested in.  

Advanced Open Water 

* 1-2 days


This course expands on what you have already learned as an Open Water diver and gives you different experiences.  You will do 1 Deep dive, 1 Night dive, 1 Navigation dive and 2 specialty dives.  It is a total of 5 dives that takes you to the next level in your training.

Rescue Diver

* 2-4 days


The Rescue Diver course shifts the focus onto helping other divers and assisting them.  It also teaches you how to keep yourself safe and to avoid becoming someone who needs to be rescued.  This course will greatly increase your comfort level and your ability to help.

Gear Rental


Gear rental is included for all the courses, so there is no additional fee if you need gear.


Many shops make their money with all the "add on" costs associated with their courses.  That is not how I do business.  The advertised price is the price you will pay, period, no additional or surprise costs.  I've got all the gear you need if you don't feel like bringing it with you.