Smugmug online picture gallery


I typically take a lot of pictures durig a dive, both of the divers and of marine life.  My camera and strobes are fairly expensive, and because I use them so much, they need to be replaced much more often than a typical diver would have to.  


I do like my divers to be able to enjoy the pictures and get them if they so desire.  But to help me defray the cost of all the camera equipent, and the picture website, I charge a nominal fee for the pictures on the website.  Smugmug gives you many options, you can either buy prints, downloads or merchandise such as shirts, mugs, puzzles, etc. You can either buy the whole gallery of pictures for one price, or pick and choose what pictures you want and only pay for them.  


I hope you will enjoy looking through my pictures and videos, and please understand that if I do not charge at least a small amount for the pictures, then this is a service I can no longer afford to provide.  


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